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Over the past month, I have been experimenting with my own cooking skills. It made me wonder why not create a simple food blog which contains the recipes which I know. A blog that caters the needs of Bachelors like me who are either taking baby steps in cooking or are super lazy for extensive cooking. And that led to the start of Veggielicious – a place where I hope to share easy Vegetarian Recipes and cooking hacks, especially for Bachelors to try out and fill their stomach.
Most of my recipes are by my mom, who is the best cook I’ve ever seen, and I cannot even compare my cooking with hers, anyways whatever I do is okay for me so I’m sharing with you people in the hopes that it helps you too 🙂

Main Ingredients for Tomato Rice
Tomato Rice Recipe

Whenever you are taking rice as lunch to office, school or college, it becomes mandatory to carry an extra container having curry with you, imagine the inconvenience of carrying one container each for everything, the tiresome and boring job of washing them (if you’re super lazy :P), here’s where Tomato Rice comes to your rescue. You can read the entire recipe by following this link here.

PS:  I’m yet perfecting the recipe and so the end product by me might not turn out to be as perfect as my mom makes, but hey, it’s passable, give it a shot 🙂


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