We all know that it is a usual practice to retain certain actors to play certain characters in Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU. We know there’s only one Iron Man, only one Captain America, only one Black Widow and only one Thor and only one Clint; however, we’ve seen two Hulks and three Spideys so far. When Mark Ruffalo portrayed Hulk/Bruce Banner in the first two Avengers movies, he made sure that they’re indeed the best ones ever. Rumour has it that he will be replaced in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, let’s see how that goes.

The Evolution of Spiderman

Spiderman, on the other hand, is a character that evidently requires new faces all the time, a major factor being the age of Peter Parker in the comics. He’s shown as a high school kid and having the same guy playing the ‘kid’ over the span of years will be really difficult.
In the last six Spiderman movies since 2002, so far, we’ve seen three actors don the suit. I started watching Spiderman movies from 2002 with Toby Maguire playing Peter Parker, he went on to do it again on 2004 and 2007. After a short gap, Sony Pictures came with a new Spiderman and called it The Amazing Spiderman, they brought in Andrew Garfield as the replacement. After two movies, it was Marvel Studio’s chance to take over the movie when they brought in Tom Holland as the Spiderman in the Captain America: Civil War. Now, he has his own movie Spider-man: Homecoming. The question is, is he the best Spiderman ever out of these three? He is obviously the well equipped one so far though.

Spideran Homecoming

Spider-man: Homecoming – Was it a hit or miss?

We all got to see how silly and childish Peter Parker can be in the Captain America: Civil War, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield did their best to portray Spiderman in their respective movies and they never were goofy enough. While Tobey’s Peter was more of a shy guy, Andrew Garfield had was more like an aggressive nerd. Tom Holland as Peter Parker is the goofiest, perhaps stupidest version so far, exactly like most 14-15-year-old kids are ๐Ÿ˜›

Right from Civil War, we’re seeing how Tony Stark is mentoring Peter, and it continues here as well. The story line that we are familiar with, the origin story of Spiderman and stuff is not shown in this movie. Homecoming is more like a continuation from Civil War and here we can see the last fight between Team Stark and Team Captain from Peter’s perspective.

In Homecoming, we can see that Peter is struggling to find his own place in the world, earn respect, especially from Tony and he tries to woo a senior girl. He has his own fair share of mistakes when he overlooks certain areas and makes mentoring a difficult affair for Tony.

The most striking thing about this version of Spidey is that he got a major suit update. He got a Jarvis like personal assistant built in. Tony almost gave Parker a mini version of himself.ย The action sequences, camera, CGI and background score were all top notch in the movie just like all other MCU instalments. There was not an instance which felt odd.

A sensible villain

Even if the movie is named after Spiderman, and he and Tony are like the poster boys in this movie, the real cornerstone is, in fact, The Vulture. Michael Keaton did a fantastic job playing this complex yet sensible negative character.

The Vulture

At the combination sequences, for the most part, it was The Vulture who performed better on and off their suits, and he shows that he isn’t inherently evil, at least in this movie that is ๐Ÿ™‚

Michael Keaton

Spidey for the win

Even after a fair share of mistakes, Peter finally manages to do the right thing in the end. After all, it’s his movie and he has to fix everything so that we get more sequels :P. And we are promised that we will be seeing him around soon enough. We might be seeing a sensible Spiderman in the coming movies and let us see how that unfolds.
Even if there are three actors who played Spiderman on screen, Toby will always be my favourite. He was the very first Spiderman I saw on screen :). What about you people? Who is the best Spiderman according to you? Let me know in the comments below.


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