So, what I’m going to write now has been long overdue as per my own standards,  if you’re among those very few people who had the mercy to follow me on my Instagram, you might understand what it is, yes, it’s about my tryst with cycling.

It’s been over a year since the cycling bug bit me seriously, looking at few of my colleagues at my previous company who were hardcore cyclists, I decided to get a cycle for myself and got one after saving up enough money.

In love with Schnell

In December 2015, I was scouting portals like Olx and Quickr for buying a second-hand cycle and luckily I came across this beauty which was only three months old and hardly used. A Schnell Miracle which was well within my budget, and I was immediately sold on it.

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Picture which I took during my Kumbalangi Cycling Expedition

And since then, I got a new best friend and found a new love in Cycling. It has been more than a year now and it still goes strong even after 900+ km. If you have enough time, don’t forget to go through my cycling exploits in Strava. Don’t misunderstand even for a moment there that I’m some cycling big shot because I’m not. I’m just a guy who likes to explore my neighbourhood in a cycle. It helps me to get a whole new perspective of my surroundings. While it was my ex-colleagues, Roshith and Jayesh who ignited this passion for cycling, true inspiration came from meeting folks at Cochin Bikers Club. It took just a couple of rides for me to realise that I’m no match for them!

Pushing my limits – Cycling Expedition to Kumbalangi

Even after a year of cycling, the maximum distance I covered on a single ride remained just 43 KM and I wanted to push my limits further and saw no other occasion other than New Year’s to do that. On December 31, 2016, I just decided to attempt a 50 KM ride and zeroed in on Kumbalangi Beach as the destination. Came to know that a small beach is also nearby called Puthenthodu Beach and added that too to the cart.  So, on December 31, 2016, I started off at almost 6:30 in the morning relying upon Google Maps to Navigate me to Kumbalangi.

Once I reached Kumbalangi, I was literally mesmerised with nature unfolding its true beauty! I came across a stretch of road which had backwaters on both sides of the road and it was simply out of this world.

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A view worth dying for!

There were like hundreds of storks (or cranes?) lazing around in the water, just check the above picture of the cycle, you can see the birds in the background. It was indeed a sight to behold. Here are some more snaps of the place.

There is an actual house in that island, wonder what it’d be like for spending a day there.
The road leading to Chellanam from Kumbalangi, you can see the birds here.

My next destination was a small lesser known fishing beach called Puthenthodu Beach, I had zero expectations about that place and I was really amazed to see what was in stock for me. The first thing I saw there upon reaching was this:


The Guardians of the Beach! A shot from Puthenthodu Beach near Kannamaly #beach #birds #seashore #cochin #kochi

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What struck me the most in the entire trip was this view of fishermen who were getting ready to venture out to the sea.


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For some reason, I felt literally blessed to have gone there cycling otherwise, I would’ve missed some amazing moments in my life. Upon my return journey, I decided to take the Arthunkal Church – Fort Kochi route which lies parallel to the NH Bypass, it is a very scenic route which lies parallel to the Arabian Sea and you come across certain pockets of backwaters on the other side from time to time.

Somewhere near Kannamaly

Overall, Kumbalangi – Kannamaly – Thoppumpady stretch can be a perfect option for you if you want to witness coastal village life at it’s best! Upon nearing Thoppumpady, I headed towards Fort Kochi and planned to get to the mainland through Fort Kochi – Vypeen Jankar Service. After roaming around Fort Kochi for a while, boarded the Jankar Service and reached Vypeen, and continued my journey through Goshree Bridges and reached Ernakulam.


It took approximately five hours for me to get back home in total and as a result of the trip, I couldn’t raise my both hands over my head all the day; however, it was totally worth it! It was one hell of a way to end the year on a high note. I just went to Andhakaranazhi Beach in Alleppey and that would be my next write-up here. See you there. Ciao!

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