Hello everyone! I’m back to bore you all with my next cycling adventure as I had promised. This time about my cycling trip to Andhakaranazhi Beach.

During my cycling trip to Kumbalangi, near Chellanam or some other place, I noticed a sign which said “Andhakaranazhi Beach – 10 KM,” for a second, I was tempted to head down to that direction. 😉 Somehow I made me stick to my usual route and proceeded to Fort Kochi and all, those who didn’t read about that trip can read it by clicking here.

From that day onwards, I had made up my mind to cycle there. As I had taken a 50+ km ride before, I was sure I can push myself further and make this 65+ km journey happen. Therefore, I started looking up the route to be taken for the trip and started planning in my mind.

The Journey

On the date of the trip, I started a bit more earlier so that I don’t get harsh sun during my return trip. As usual, I relied upon Google Maps to navigate me to the destination. I chose to stick with National Highway itself through Kundannoor – Aroor and it was pretty much a straight road. A straight, flat road would mean a tireless boring ride, but I liked how that day woke up around me and thoroughly enjoyed all along.

I was totally amazed when I took a right turn from Thuravur South to a narrow road leading to Andhakaranazhi Beach. Here too was a road with backwaters on both sides.

The Road from Thuravur to Andhakaranazhi Beach

Look at these amazing pictures which I took after riding for some time through that road.


Just my Cycle Resting 🙂
The View!
Andhakaranazhi Beach

Andhakaranazhi Beach is a famous beach nearby Cherthala in Alleppey which is flocked by domestic and international tourists alike. There is a tourist complex with basic amenities and an aerial walkway for people to enjoy the sea. I went straight to the white sandy beach and spent some time enjoying the wonderful morning. If the place is properly maintained, it would give a serious competition to the nearby Marari Beach. I hope the authorities realise that fact and do something about it. Check out a few more pictures I took from the beach:

Andhakaranazhi Beach, a lesser known yet beautiful beach in Alleppey! #beaches #kerala #alleppey #cycling #pedalpower

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Return Journey

After spending some time, I started my return journey and this time I took the Arthunkal – Chellanam – Thoppumpady Route. Nearby Chellanam, I came across a small hotel called Vaccachan’s Hotel & Fast Food and decided to have breakfast from there. Since I was pretty hungry after cycling for a long time, I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast of Puri Masala & forgot all about taking a picture. 😛 I realised it only after getting out so here is an image of the hotel for compensating that. 😉

Vaccachan’s Hotel & Fast Food

After a scrumptious breakfast, I continued my journey and I came across a temple where a procession of Kodimaram (Ceremonial Flagstaff) was going on, marking the start of the temple festival.

Temple Procession

After some time, as I was riding, I came across a board of a certain shop which said “Vaccachan’s Coffin Works.” Just imagine my horror when realising the fact that I just had breakfast from Vaccachan’s Hotel & Fast Food and then seeing a board like this!

I was like “dafuq did I just see? Are these two owned by the same guy?  

I reached home after successfully after almost five hours and I have to say, it was one amazing ride.

I’m hungry for more escapades like this and I’m always on the lookout for more destinations around Cochin which I can cover in my cycle. See you after my next adventure, so long folks!



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